By Beth Hyland
Directed by Rebecca Willingham

Steppenwolf LookOut
July 12th-14th, 2019

Killed a man (Joking)

By Beth Hyland
Directed by Rebecca Willingham


red bowl at the jeffs

By Beth Hyland
Directed by Rebecca Willingham
March 30th-April 21st

praise for red bowl at the jeffs:

"A heartfelt and poignant exploration of friendship, art, and the shifting definitions of success."

- Brent Ervin-Eickhoff, Picture This Post (Highly Recommended)

“There’s something wonderfully firsthand about this brilliant new work from playwright Beth Hyland...Red Bowl is humble Chicago theater at its finest.”

- Max Maller, Chicago Reader

"A roman a clef that will delight local audiences...[Hyland and Willingham] are on an inspired roll."

- Kevin Greene, New City Stage (Recommended)















By Beth Hyland
Directed by Rebecca Willingham
August 26th-September 4th, 2016



Praise for for annie:

"Director Rebecca Willingham guides the ensemble with a strong, sure hand...what Beth Hyland does so well is present For Annie with an authentic lens. Thanks to Hyland's genuine voice and a terrific cast, For Annie is as entertaining...as it can possibly be. See it."

- Lauren Whalen, Chicago Theater Beat

“For Annie” is a difficult yet endearing play about what it means to be a woman, now and for all time. And it is exactly the kind of art that we desperately need more of."

- Kevin Greene, New City Stage

Seagulls, a contemporary indie rock adaptation of Anton Chekov's The Seagull, follows four friends and bandmates at a small college as they struggle to achieve artistic greatness without losing themselves--or each other. 

Cast and production team

Nina - Ella Pennington
Con - Sammy Zeisel
Masha - Jenni M. Hadley
Simon - Will Sonheim

Production Stage Manager - Bobby Ganzer
Music Direction - Jon Schneidman
Scenic Design - Paloma Locsin
Lighting Design - Lucy Whipp
Sound Design - Hannah Foerschler
Graphic Design - Gregory Culley

Photos by Joel Maisonet

Okay so Megan may have killed Trevor, but it was an accident! Or it was self-defense. Or both! But now Liv, Amanda, and Katie have to decide exactly how far they’re willing to go to help their co-worker in need. Killed a Man (Joking) is a pitch-black comedy about violence, justice, and what it means to be a ride-or-die friend.

A workshop production produced in association with First Floor Theater

Cast and production team

Amanda - Arti Ishak
Liv - Jalbelly Guzmán
Katie - Georgi McCauley
Megan - Cassidy Slaughter-Mason
Trevor - Andrew Cutler

Production Stage Manager - Kasey Trouba
Dramaturgy - Tanuja Jagernauth
Fight Choreography - Kate Lass

Photos by Gracie Meier

The group of college friends who started Red Bowl Ensemble have been plugging away in Chicago's storefront theater scene for years, but now they’ve finally made it: to the Non-Equity Joseph Jefferson Awards, that is.

Loosely inspired by Anton Chekhov's Three Sisters, Red Bowl at the Jeffs is a bittersweet comedy about a group of young artists dealing with ambition, failure, friendship, and making it to Moscow.

cast and production team

Elena - Georgi McCauley
Alex/Masha - Faith Servant
Caroline/Olga - Anne Thompson
Gabe/Vershinin - Aaron Latterell
Julie/Irina -  Ella Pennington
Andy/Tuzenbach - Andrew Cutler
Dev/Andre - Pernell Myers
Hank/Solyony - Carter Caldwell
Sophie/Natasha - Margaret Kellas

Production Stage Manager - Serena Dully
Production Manager - Kasey Trouba
Assistant Stage Manager - Anastar Alvarez
Scenic Design - Dana Macel
Lighting Design - Alex Beal
Costume Design - Elly Hunt
Sound Design - Shain Longbehn
Graphic Design - Greg Culley


Photos by Montana Bruns


Annie Lambert was murdered in the middle of her senior year.
So now, her sisters in the BTA sorority at SUNY Onondaga are honoring her memory in the best way they know how: they're putting on a play.
For Annie uses Greek chorus, pop music, dance, and a whole lot of glitter to explore grief, guilt, sisterhood, and what it means to remember.

For Annie was originally developed in the New Colony Writers Room, 2016



Leah/Annie - Hannah Sawicki
Jessie - Ella Pennington  
Nora - Kaye Winks
Kaela - Georgi McCauley
Chelsea/Casey - Charlotte Thomas
Rachel/Tammy - Claire Orzel
Emily/Conner - C. Jaye Miller
Lauren/Bruce - Natalie Joyce Smith
A Spirit - Erin O'Shea
Raf/Nick - Daniel Shtivelberg
Mitch/Max - Nick Day

Production Stage Manager - Kasey Trouba
Scene & Graphic Design - Gregory Culley
Costume Design - Jerica Hucke
Lighting Design - Nathan Kubik
Sound & Projection Design - Ben Zeman
Choreographer - Kim Green
Fight Choreographer - Alejandro Tey
Assistant Stage Manger - Anna Joaquin 

Photos by Cole Simon



By Beth Hyland
Directed by Rebecca Willingham
Additional music by Patrick Budde

July 2nd-18th, 2015
The Den Theatre
The Chicago Musical Theatre Festival


Praise for seagulls:

"Seagulls is a sharp jab to the heart...I certainly hope some enterprising company targeting a young audience is wise enough to pick it up."
-Jacob Davis, Chicago Critic

Cast and Creative team

Nina - Ella Pennington
Con - Sammy Zeisel
Masha - Anna Basile
Simon - Will Sonheim

Production Stage Manager - Kasey Trouba
Scene & Lighting Design - Gregory Culley
Sound Design - Will Quam
Music Direction - Patrick Budde